Types of milk compared: nutrition facts and prices in euro

Different kinds of milk

Here is a table I made to compare different kinds of milk available here in the Netherlands. I listed the different milks and their nutrition facts, prices and availability:

Comparison table of different types of milkNote: The nutritional values and prices also depend on the products’ brands and may variate.

Semi-skimmed cow milk is the cheapest, followed by skimmed cow milk. Only cow milk, goat milk and soy milk are available in every supermarket. Most other types of milk are available in organic food supermarkets and can be quite expensive. Organic cow milks are actually cheaper than most of the plant-based milks!

I think the best way to consume milk is to switch regularly between different kinds of milk according to one’s preferences and budget.

My favorite types of milk:

– Goat milk: I like the creamy texture and tangy taste, but I can imagine that it may not appeal to other people. It’s a nice alternative to cow milk. Although it’s high in fat, I enjoy buying goat milk and goat yogurt occasionally.

– Unsweetened soy milk: the milk with the lowest amount of sugar. In my view the best type of milk for people who are watching their diet. Although it is not fat-free, it is extremely low-carb and provides a good amount of protein what makes it very filling. However, I would not consume soy milk extremely regularly because of the whole ‘soy controversy’. I read in an article against soy that 2 glasses of soy milk/day, over the course of one month, contain enough of the chemical to change the timing of a woman’s menstrual cycle! Unsweetened almond milk is also low in sugar and is lower in calories, but the less calories, the more watery the milk.

– Hazelnut milk: is expensive and sweetened with agave nectar but tastes fantastic in hot drinks: chocolate milk, Chai thee, Latte. It’s definitely a ‘treat milk’. Unlike soy and hazelnut milk, most of the other plant-based milks do not have enough fat content to produce a nice milk foam to make hot drinks.

My least favorite types of milk:

– Skimmed cow milk: all brands of skimmed milk tend to be watery. Furthermore, skimmed milk is just too high in sugar (10 g per glass) to be marketed and considered as a good ‘diet product’.

– Unsweetened oat milk: watery and bitter taste. Despite being unsweetened, still 13 g of sugar per glass. Just not worth it.

– Coconut milk beverage: highly overpriced product. 3,95 euro for a pack of 750 ml. I could only find one brand for this product, “Coco milk for drinking” by Dr Antonio Martins. The nutritional facts depends on the quantity of coconut flesh and coconut water used by the manufacturer.



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