Dukan chocolate desserts

Dukan Truffles

Following my article on Dukan diet desserts, I’ve put more Dukan desserts from the French book “La patisserie Dukan” to the test, this time focusing on chocolate desserts.

Chocolate truffles


– 4 teaspoons of fat-reduced cocoa powder + some extra cocoa to roll the truffles
– 1 tablespoon of fat free Greek yogurt
– 5 tablespoons of powdered skim milk
– 2 egg yolks
– 5 drops of butter flavoring
– 3 teaspoons of artificial sweetener

Ingredients Dukan Truffles


Mix everything together. Add extra powdered skim milk if necessary until the paste reaches a firm consistency. Put aside in the fridge for a few hours. Before serving them, roll the balls in cocoa powder.

My review of the recipe:

I made these balls with protein powder in place of powdered skim milk. I didn’t add any artificial sweetener because the protein powder was already flavored. The paste wasn’t firm enough to make balls. I put it only 10 min in the freezer to firm up and it was enough. I didn’t have any butter flavoring. I suppose this ingredient is key to make these truffles taste like real ones.

Dukan Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate mousse


– 4 eggs
– 8 tablespoons of fat free Greek yogurt
– 4 teaspoons of fat reduced cocoa powder
– 4 tablespoons of powdered skim milk
– 1 teaspoon of aroma/flavoring of your choice (mint, coffee, almond etc)
– 4 teaspoons of stevia



Mix egg yolks, Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, powdered skim milk, flavoring and stevia together.
Whip egg whites and gently fold them into the prepared batter. Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

My review of this recipe:

I tried to do this recipe without the egg yolks to cut out some calories. It was a bad idea because the mousse didn’t have enough fat in it to get firm enough while in the fridge. Dukan recipes always use egg yolks for custards and cremes to get a nice creamy consistency, but I think this adds up on fat content in the end.

Chocolate pots de creme


– 4 eggs
– 40 cl skim milk (0.4 oz)
– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
– 4 teaspoons of fat reduced cocoa powder
– 1 teaspoon of orange flavoring (or orange-peel)
– 4 tablespoons of splenda

Dukan Chocolate Creme


Preheat oven at 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit). In a sauce pan, put milk and cinnamon and bring the milk to a boil. Add cocoa powder, orange flavoring and splenda and let it cool a bit.
Beat up the eggs and incorporate them in the milk mixture. Put the mixture in small ramekins. Put the ramekins in a big oven dish. Put warm water in that dish to cook the custards in a bain-marie (water bath) in the oven for 20 minutes.

My review of this recipe:

It was the first time that I tried to cook custard in a water bath. I was pleasantly surprised. I use unsweetened soy milk in place of skim milk and no sweetener so my pots de creme weren’t that sweet but they add a very nice texture. However they looked very crumpled on the surface as opposed to the photo from the book.

Pot de Creme Dukan

Chocolate fondant


– 3 eggs
– 3 tablespoons of corn starch
– 4 tablespoons of fat free Greek yogurt
– 3 teaspoons of fat reduced cocoa powder
– 1 tablespoon of sweetener
– 1 teaspoon of baking powder

Dukan Chocolate Fondant


Mix all the ingredients together with a hand mixer. Place in a microwave proof dish and cook for 6 minutes on maximal power (900W).

My review of this recipe:

I tried this recipe several times and I never got that melting heart of chocolate cake inside my fondants. They all turned out like little horrible sponges. If you want to try this recipe please tell me how your chocolate fondants turn out, I’d be very curious to know.

Dukan chocolate fondant

However, I didn’t give up on these melting chocolate hearts so I figure out a way to make some fake ones. I mixed some soy milk with cocoa powder and put the mixture in an ice cube container in the freezer. Then, I put these chocolate ice cubes in the cakes before cooking them in the microwave. The problem was that the chocolate hearts were this time way too liquid and I made a big kitchen mess…

Chocolate Disaster



  1. 50 and still trying to be Frugal .... says

    I have never seen Fat free greek yoghurt in France, just full fat. Could you use fromage frais? I have been making a chocolate spread to eat with my toast in the mornings, I use cocoa powder mixed with a bit of milk to make a paste, then mix with carré frais 0% and fromage blanc with some sweetener. LOVELY Really enjoy ready your blog sue

  2. Alison says

    Some of these actually look quite tempting! Like you, I’d struggle with the butter flavouring and other more unusual ingredients, but certainly the chocolate custards and fondants look easy enough to make. Really thought the truffles caught my eye the most, so I might have to try and find out where on earth I can get butter flavouring from!

  3. Elise says

    Yes Alison, I haven’t been able to find any special food flavorings (like butter, creme brulée or pistachio nuts) anywhere too, although I’ve looked in several fancy kitchenware stores in France and in the Netherlands. I guess I’ll buy a few bottles on the Dutch Dukan webshop, but I’m not fond of buying things online (Having to wait impatiently for a package which the postman always ends up delivering when I’m not home). Sue, the original Dukan recipes in the French book use “Petits suisses 0%”. I translated it in fat free Greek yogurt because “Petit suisses 0%” are not available in other countries than France, Belgium and Switzerland. You can also use “Fromage blanc 0%” when a recipe calls for fat free Greek Yogurt, although “Fromage blanc” tends to be less dense. You’ll find “Fromage blanc 0%” even in the smallest French supermarkets in the yogurt aisle. I’d say “Fromage frais 0%” is more like a fat free Philadelphia cream cheese.

  4. jess z says

    I tried the truffles with butter essence… I have to say that they’re really delicious! The butter flavoring does make a difference! Thanks for these Dukan recipes, I really appreciate it! If you put up any more that you try out, I’d love it!

  5. Elise says

    Hi Jess, I finally bought Dukan butter flavoring, it’s true that it does make a difference. I need to write a review about the flavorings I bought on the Dukan webshop on my blog! Flavorings can definitely make a huge difference in a recipe!

  6. Anonymous says

    Thank you for posting these recipes!! I was loosing hope with this diet until I came across these recipes! Yum!!

  7. Melissa says

    Thank you for the recipes! They look delicious! I have a question for you. I have been on Dukan’s diet for few weeks now and I’m truly happy with the results. Yet I am a chocoholic and I miss some chocolate every now and then. I have looked in every single Turkish shop I have came across (I live in ZO of Amsterdam) and have found nil magere cacao. Where did you buy the low fat cocoa in Amsterdam? Which Turkish shop?

  8. says

    Hi Melissa, I go to a Turkish supermarket on the Javastraat (I think it’s around number 14-16 and it’s called Yildiz), a few meter after the Albert Heijn on Celebesstraat 43. The cocoa is in a red/blue box near all the nuts/almonds/dried fruit.

  9. tom frost says

    hi… just thought i would comment on your chocolate fondant recipe…. microwaves cook from the inside out, so you never will get the melting centre… if you make the same mix, and put in metal or ceramic ramikins, and cook in a medium oven for 12 mins, or untill the top looks cracked like a cookie, and ir should come out how you want…

    will post again once i have tried… too late to try today…

  10. Elise says

    Thank you Tom for the suggestion, I’ll definitely try in the oven to see the difference with the microwave!

  11. Ashiibree says

    Love this diet, was doing well, dropped off 4kgs on the first 2 days of the attack stage.. Had a friends birthday the following day and had a few drinks.. Now I’ve hit a wall, I mean I’m still following as best as i know how to, I’m not losing anything since then which was 4 days ago
    Do I just become harder on myself again and consider the attack stage a restart or how do i get this ball rolling again?

    • Elise says

      Hi! If I were you I wouldn’t get so attached to the numbers on the scale. You could be retaining sudden extra water weight because of the excess eating & drinking on your friend’s birthday. Although I’ve tested many recipes from the Dukan diet on my blog because I blog about protein desserts, this is not a diet that I would recommend because it is too restrictive. I prefer a very slow steady approach to losing weight.

    • Cindy says

      Every time that I break the diet I gain a few pounds, I go on the attack phase and it takes a while to get going but gets off and rolling again in 3-4 days.


  12. Kara says

    I baked them in the oven (I had the oven on for something else- so I just chucked them in!) for about 20 mins at 180 degrees (C). they looked gorgeous, but didn’t have the liquid center… they were still lovely just as wee muffins though!!
    I’ve been doing the Dukan Diet for about 4 weeks, lost 8 kg’s so far, and its the only diet I have stuck at this long… plus I can really see myself sticking to it. I feel great (wouldn’t mind the occasional dose of sugar- but these sorts of recipes really help!!). My hubby is doing it too (he’s lost 5 kg) and my Mum is also doing it! (she’s lost 6kg) I made these little fondant/muffins for her birthday!! :)

  13. Kara says

    Ashiibree- I wouldn’t stress about, I lost 5 kg in the 1st week, then nothing for about 10 days (which upset me a bit, but 5 kg is a huge amount for one week). He says to up the exercise if you’re worried. I just went from about 30 mins a day to almost an hour (when I could fit it in) and the weight started coming off again.

  14. Cecily says

    Great recipes :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing :)
    Thanks to you, I can enjoy my Dukan Diet much better.
    By the way, they look irresistibly delicious.
    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Cecily says

    Great recipies:)
    Thanks a lot for sharing:)
    Thanks to you, I can enjoy my Dukan Diet much better.
    By the way, they look irresistably delicious.
    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Stacie says

    I have a brilliant idea. Let’s substitute fattening ingredients with chemicals that cause other issues…that way we can be healthy. Oh wait…

    • Elise says

      Hi Stacie, you’ve raised a very good point here. However, when it comes to sugar-addicted people, there isn’t anything worst than white sugar for them. For these people, white sugar acts like a drug creating mood swings, cravings and addictions, quite similar to those of cocaine, alcohol or tobacco. They need to cut off sugar completely because they cannot practice moderation. Natural sweeteners like stevia, xylitol or thaumatin are thus good sugar substitutes for them.

  17. Heather says

    I reeeealllly want to try the truffles, but I’m concerned about the eggs not being cooked in some way… is this dangerous??

    • Elise says

      Hi Heather, the risk of getting a salmonella infection by eating raw eggs has been estimated as 1 in 10,000. Try to go for organic, fresh, free range eggs to reduce the risk. (If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t take that risk at all, even if it’s very low.)

  18. Kaitlynn says

    I tried making the Truffles….twice. I’m about to try for a 3rd time (hopefully they’ll turn out this time). But the previous two times they have never been set enough to roll…put them in the freezer there first time..rolled, melted in my hand. Second time put them in the fridge over night…but only formed a skin in the fridge.

    Secondly, by looking at the first picture for these guys, how are they so smooth? My batter is gritty. I can’t get all of that to dissolve in such a small amount of liquid and when its cold.

    How can I fix this?

    At least it tastes good.

    • Elise says

      Hi Kaitlynn, my truffles were not super firm either (the recipe doesn’t contain enough fat to naturally get very firm in the fridge). I think it depends on the texture of the Greek yogurt you’re using. Try to use a kind of Greek yogurt that is not too liquidy. Total fat free Greek yogurt works well here https://www.totalgreekyoghurt.com/our-yoghurts, but avoid putting some of the whey water that sits around the yoghurt with it. To mix things easily and get a nice smooth thick paste, just put everything in a food processor.

  19. kathy says

    i tried the truffles . 1T of yoghurt wasn’t enough so i added a little fat free cottage cheese as well – probably about 1T or maybe a bit more to get the mixture to bind. I didnt have butter essence either so used a mixture of butterscotch and mocha. for my palette i needed a bit more sweetner as well – i am using xylitol. they are in the fridge chilling but seem to pretty good based on the chef’s tasting priviledges! I am just wondering which Phase of Dukan these were for because powdered milk seems to have such a high carb content?

    For the fondant I used fat free cottage cheese instead of the yoghurt. i split my my fondant mixture into 9 cupcakes but they also turned out like little collapsed cakes. I think the ratios need adjusting – less liquid. never mind – i cut them in half and filled them with cottage cheese sprinkled with a mix of cocoa and sweetner – that cheered them up a lot! For the second batch i upped the cornflour, cocoa and sweetner, cut squares of Lindt mousse chocolate into 3 pieces and popped a piece into thebatter of each cupcake and cooked it on medium for a shorter time. The Lindt cannot really rock the diet too much if you have it as a treat!! They turned out much better and are also nice with a spread of cottage cheese on top! I will definitely experiment to refine them :-)

    So glad i found your site – thanks for the posting!!

    • Elise says

      Hello Kathy, thank you for your feedback on the recipes! Yes, I agree with you, I also think that powdered milk is quite high in carbs. It really needs to be used in moderation, but I think it adds a nice sweetness / creaminess that I really enjoy. In the book, under the recipe’s title, it’s written that the truffles can be eaten in the first and second phase of the diet. However, at the beginning of the book, the book contradicts itself: there is a list of ingredients like cocoa, corn starch or soy meal etc. It says these ingredients are tolerated during the second phase but cannot be eaten in the first phase. So I guess that somebody wanting to follow the diet to the letter should stick with a basic first phase with no Dukan desserts except the recipes that are made of pure protein and oat bran only (like the Dukan pancakes).

  20. Funda says

    Hi, great recipes, thank you!
    I have tried out the chocolate fondant recipe this evening after giving in to my chocolate craving, and I have to tell, it turned out to be a muffin-in-a-cup. It is dry inside out, tha only downfall is that you can taste the sweetener.
    I am not really following the Dukan diet, only a low carb one which allows me to eat greek yoghurd regardless of the fat percentage so that might have messed with the result. I have also juggled around with the ingredients: – 2 eggs
    – 2 full tablespoons of corn starch
    – 3 full tablespoons of Greek yogurt
    – 2 full teaspoons of cocoa powder
    – 1 tablespoon of sweetener
    – 1 teaspoon of baking powder
    After couple of bites I feel quite satisfied and full. So if you are not strictly following the Dukan, this might be the solution for you.

    • Elise says

      Hi Funda, thanks for your feedback! Yes, I know what you mean by muffin-in-a-cup, sounds very nice! And it’s a good idea to use 2 eggs instead of 3, it probably makes the end result less ‘spongy’. I think the gooey / melting chocolate center is impossible to get without using real chocolate or some kind of fat (like for example avocado in this recipe http://www.fitnesstreats.com/2012/07/chocolate-fondant. But then it’s not a low-carb / low-calorie recipe anymore!)

  21. Olga says

    Hi Elise :) I am living in Amsterdam ( I arrived 2 months ago)
    Could you help me? Where can I buy white eggs?
    ( I asked in Albert Heijn… but the girl looked at me very strange hehe)
    and… Where did you buy the protein powder for the truffles?
    They look really nice, thank you very much for your recipes :)

    • Elise says

      Hi Olga, you cannot buy egg whites in a pack. Egg whites in a pack like in the US is a pretty unusual product in most European countries. Even if the product would exist here in Europe I would probably not buy it because for me eggs only come in one form and shape: just eggs. To get egg whites, buy eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. If you feel bad about not using the yolks and throwing them away, you can use them in an other recipe or use them as natural hair mask/conditionner or in addition to your normal shampoo.

    • Elise says

      I bought the protein powder in a supplement store. There is one in the city center near Kalverstraat called Natural Health Company.

  22. ashC. says


    So I would love to try the truffles recipe but I am a little lost on the egg yolks – should I pre cooked them first or can I use them raw?

    Thanks in advance.

  23. Carol says

    I wonder about the raw eggs also. I know you can buy egg white in a carton. Can you buy pasteurized egg yolks in a carton?

    • says

      Hi Carol, if you’re worrying about using raw egg yolks, just replace them with egg white powder mixed with a bit of water. You can usually find egg white powder in the baking section / specialty cake section of big supermarkets.

  24. says

    Hi Elise,
    I tried the chocolate fondant recipe and it turned out a spongy mess so I started tweaking it and trying different things to see if I could get it right. In the end I used a variation of my Dukan chocolate cupcake recipe with a Dukan truffle in the center. It doesn’t ooze out as much melted chocolate as I would like, but it’s the closest I could get to a chocolate lava cake so give it a shot if you feel like it:

    • says

      Hi Lina, thank you for your feedback and for the chocolate truffle center idea! Yes, I totally agree : there is no way to get something else than a spongy mess if you follow the recipe from the book to the letter! Actually, I found out that the Dukan team used faked photos in that book: the book’s food stylist used ‘regular’ ingredients and ‘regular’ recipes to take pictures for that book! (I’ve written a post about it here). So now I feel a lot better about my spongy mess and I rely only on other bloggers’ experience :)

      • says

        That’s awful about the fake photos, I should have known they looked too good to be true! When I started the Dukan diet I browsed for recipes, but after trying a couple featured on the Dukan website (which let’s just say weren’t exactly delicious) I figured I’d just experiment and come up with my own. But yeah, at least we don’t have to feel bad about our results not looking like they came out of the pages of a magazine now that we know the truth ;)

  25. Petra says

    Hi, after reading most of the comments, just thought that I would help where to get all sorts of food flavourings, I got most of mine on Amazon, including the butter flavouring. Great price and swift delivery. I hope it helps. Well at least to those in UK, not sure about other countries. But it’s definitely worth checking out. Good luck to all of you. ;-)

  26. Sarena says

    Hi, your fondant recipe looks like Chocolate Lava Cakes to me. I stumbled across this recipe and I’ve made it at least 20 times and it’s pretty fool proof: http://asweetlife.org/recipes/molten-chocolate-cakes/ Instead of ramekins, I use muffin tins and bake them for 5 1/2 – 6 minutes. I also add about 15-20 drops of liquid stevia into the eggs and vanilla mixture. Very easy, and delicious. If you want more of a liquid chocolate center, go for 5 1/2 min baking time. Cheers!

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