Dukan diet desserts put to the test

Dukan Chocolate Cake

The Dukan diet seems to be the latest diet in Dietland. Carole Middleton, Kate’s mom, acknowledged using the plan to shed pre-wedding pounds.

The official sites of the diet (www.dukandiet.co.uk, www.dukandiet.com) claim that the diet is the number 1 diet in France and that 5 millions French people tried it. I think it’s a bit deceptive to say that. 5 millions is probably the number of books sold, not the number of people who successfully followed the diet.

This diet sounds a bit like a copy of the Atkins diet. It consists of 4 phases:

– Phase 1 or Attack Phase: eating only proteins during 3 to 10 days. Meat, eggs, fish, protein powder but no vegetables. (I personally think it sounds like a pretty bad idea not to eat any vegetables, even for 3 days. Any other sound French woman would probably think the same way too.)

Dr. Dukan (the doctor who invented the diet) recommends avoiding any strenuous activities in the Attack Phase as you will probably feel tired. I think any real doctor would never recommend avoiding vegetables and physical activity even for the very few first days of a diet. But Dr. Dukan knows that this is a good way for people to see results on the scale very fast (even if they’re losing mainly water weight and not body fat) and to keep them interested in staying on his diet.

– Phase 2: Alternative Phase: still eating protein and re-introducing vegetables, but still no heavy carbs. You can eat as many vegetables as you like, there is no portion control for vegetables. The average duration of this phase is about 7 days.

You have to alternate Phase 1 and Phase 2 until you’ve reached your goal weight before going on to phase 3.

– Phase 3: Consolidation Phase. You can eat fruit, bread, and cheese again, but with portion control. 2 cheat meals per week are allowed, but you have to eat only proteins again every Thursday.

– Phase 4: Stabilization Phase. The final phase is a lifelong commitment to maintain your weight loss. Most of the time you eat normally, but every Thursday, you follow a pure protein day by eating only foods allowed in the Attack Phase.

This diet sounds incredibly unbalanced to me and I certainly would never try it. Even the stabilization phase sounds impossible. I find it very difficult to go through a day without any carbs at all. I’m just too active to eat only protein. I have to ride my bicyle to go to work and I would already feel dizzy at 11 a.m.!

However, I found an interesting cookbook by Dr Dukan last time I was visiting my parents in France. It’s called “La pâtisserie Dukan“. It hasn’t been translated in English yet.

There are 100 dessert recipes that can be eaten when on the Dukan diet. Recipes for mousses, cremes or custards use agar-agar or gelatin for texture. Flour is replaced by oat bran, corn starch and powdered milk. Main ingredients are often fat free Greek yogurt or soy yogurt, eggs, aromas and artificial sweeteners.

Many recipes are allowed during the first 2 phases of the diet even if they contain a small amount of carbs (most of the time a few spoons of oat bran or corn starch).

Here are some of the recipes I tried and the results:

Marshmallows made with egg whites, agar-agar and splenda.

My marshmallows didn’t turn out very well. The artificial sweetener made me feel kind of sick. I had to throw them away.

This chocolate cake cooked in the microwave looks decadent and fabulous in the book.

My chocolate cake wasn’t that fabulous.

A simple lemon cake.

My lemon cake looked kind of sad but it was light and eatable.


My muffins looked nice but were a bit ‘spongy’ (too many eggs in them).

Chocolate cake

The chocolate cake recipe was the best recipe! It’s a pity though I overcooked it.

I’ve posted the recipe here on my tumblr dashboard

I think I will definitely stick to natural sugars (agave or honey) because the artificial sweeteners aren’t just the real thing and many of them made me feel sick. And stevia as the only natural sweetener doesn’t taste very good.

Despite the use of sweeteners and the fact that my cooking experiments didn’t look as great as in the book, I don’t regret buying it because there were a few nice ideas, such as:

Bakto Flavors Natural Extract Collection, 12 1FL OZ– Using artificial flavoring to make your desserts interesting: crème brûlée, ginger bread, or melted butter flavoring add flavors without any calories: www.mydukandietshop.co.uk/300-dukan-diet-food-flavouring

Saco Mix 'n Drink, Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk, (makes 40 quarts), 8-Pound Box– Using powdered milk to replace part of the flour. I used to use protein powder instead but powdered milk makes your cakes moister than protein powder. Powdered milk is also used a lot in the book to make cake icing (mixing it with an egg white and a sweetener)

– Using fat-reduced cocoa, which is different than classic Dutch process cocoa. www.mydukandietshop.co.uk/healthy-food/90-dukan-diet-fat-reduced-cacao.html I found a low-fat cacao powder in a Turkish supermarket in my neighborhood.

Have you ever been on a “protein only” diet for a few day? Could you handle it? Do you have any healthy cookbook recommendation?



  1. Alison says

    Good God, is that for real!? Only protein and NO vegetables at all? He makes Atkins look half sane! Not for me, as you can tell. Your not-so-fabulous chocolate cake and your sad lemon cake made me laugh! Still, I generally find tips on dessert substitutes helpful, so thanks for that.

  2. Elise says

    Thanks Alison! Sorry to hear you’re still unwell. I’m looking forward to your next post today!

  3. Cathy says

    Hi Elise, Thanks for investigating the fitness world and sharing with us. Your blog is full of good tips :) Dukan diet is totally unhealthy! A such amount of protein is bad for your kidneys + it can, in the worse case, lead to eating disorders. As far as a diet, I would recommend to check out http://www.lebootcamp.com which is a healthy life style. I work out almost 1 hour (or +) every day and I don’t want to faint after I’m done. So far this diet seems the best for me because it doesn’t look like a diet. BTW, I love your Low fat low sugar chocolate pudding it’s such a nice treat! :)

    • Buffy says

      In reply Cathy I disagree strongly. The diet is actually not unhealthy at all. If you investigate the program thoroughly you’ll see that it’s based on lean protein, low carb vegetables, non fat dairy, oatbran and eggs. What’s unhealthy about that? In addition you are required to drink at least 2litres of water a day which helps flush out your kidneys and prevent a buildup of uric acid in the blood. I’ve been on the program for four months now, have lost over 20 kg and have been under doctors supervision during that time. My overall physical health has shown general improvement, my cholesterol and blood pressure are both down. I think those kind of improvement speak for themselves. Readers should read the whole program and all four stages before making a judgement on this diet. The attack phase only lasts for five days and is never “just protein”.

  4. Anita says

    oooohhh I like the idea of using powdered milk for icing. I’m going to try that. I also don’t think protein only diets are a good idea. My two favourite cookbooks I use regularly that I think you might like are Eat Taste Nourish by Zoe BIngly-Pullin. She is a qualified nutritionist and chef. Awesome combo! and also The 80/20 diet by Teresa Cutter, the healthy chef. She is a qualified personal trainer and chef. Both Aussies and they have great recipes. Love your blog!

  5. Anonymous says

    I have lost 30 kgs on the Dukan Diet and have never felt fitter, healthier and happier. It is not a diet for everyone but to say it is unhealthy is not true. It is also not true that too much protein is bad for your kidneys. Protein is actually a low GI food and is beneficial in diets for diabetics. If you have healthy kidneys and drink plenty of water, this diet is completely safe. I am diabetic and recently had my 6 monthly checkup with my doctor. I am in perfect health, do not need meds for my diabetes and my kidneys are good enough to donate. If anyone wants to try this diet then check with your doctor first, that is a must. Mine said ‘lose the weight’ and I did, he is happy and so am I…:)

    • Pat says

      Hi Anonymous,
      How long did it take you to get to your target? I have the same one and am curious how long it might take me. Obviously, everyone is different but am curious to know.
      I managed to lose 10.6 pounds in 10 days :-) so far.

  6. Elise says

    I also follow a protein rich diet. I was just worrying about what’s missing in the first phase: no vegetables allowed. Congratulations on your weight lost, that’s impressive!

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks Elise! Trying to sign in with a name but dont have any of those accounts listed anyway my name is Cloudy and yes it was very overcast the day I was born. Bless you mom :) The Attack phase has only protein and consists of a list of 72 protein foods but this phase only lasts for 3-10 days its up to you how long you wish to stay on it. I did 10 days and lost almost 12 pounds so I was encouraged and excited to move into the next one which is the Cruise phase. This phase introduces 28 vegetables and they are in addition to all the foods you are allowed in the Attack phase. I am now in the Consolidation phase where you can eat all the foods from the Attack and the Cruise phases with the addition of 2 slices of bread (preferably wholemeal) and one piece of fruit daily, 2 serves of carbs and 2 celebration meals a week which can be anything. This phase lasts 5 days for each pound lost and is absolutely vital for maintenance.

  8. Anonymous says

    Just want to say that there is so much misinformation out there about the Dukan diet. Other than cloudy, I don’t think anyone commenting has actually read the book and studied the complete diet plan. So, if you have a need to lose weight and other types of dieting aren’t working, buy the book, do the research and then decide. Dukan is my choice and it is working very well for me. I purchased it on kindle and have, since then, also ordered the Dukan recipe book from a used book seller. There is a lot more to this diet than the first week of pure protein, and you can completely get it wrong if you don’t understand how and why to do it exactly right. Sure, there may be healthier ways to lose weight, but if you’re one of the many who just can’t count calories or stand feeling hungry this is a great way to go, and you will learn how to change your eating for the better over the long haul.

    • Penny says

      Me too!
      I researched the diet before starting it, read every Dukan book I could find, saw nothing scary or bizarre so did it. 4 months further along I have lost 17kg, feel fantastic. I do the prescribed exercise every day without fail and I don’t think I have ever been healthier. Blood pressure medications are also now reduced by 3/4 of what I was taking. I also found it surprisingly easy and never felt hungry. I challenge all those anti-Dukaners out there to actually read about it before casting the judgement that it is unhealthy. A diet as short term as it is is not unhealthy.

      By the way, those who think it is vege free – I eat more veges than meat following this diet.

      • Amy M. says

        Yeah, people get hung up on the Attack phase (which lasts anywhere from ONE DAY to 10 days; it’s up to you. One day of no veggies is not a big deal in the long run and you can certainly skip the Attack phase if you’d rather). I had tried many diets and nothing worked. On Dukan, I reversed my prediabetes, lost the last 13 lbs of baby weight (finally!) and my blood work post-Dukan was excellent.

        OP, thanks for the dessert reviews! I love the recipes on the Dukan blog Lady’s Amazing Dukan Year.

  9. Athena says

    I completely disagree with all the whining I have read here. I myself in the second phase and have stayed throughout it very active. I jog for an hour every day and do lots of walking and if anything I found that eating increased amounts of protein actually helped me to tone up. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose it just seemed an interesting way to try and stay slim. I also found that I can sit in front of all the yummy, creamy dishes others eat/order and not feel tempted. With Dukan I feel rather satisfied- sure you do miss food at the beginning but as they say nothing tastes as good as slim feels :) And it feels damn good.I have found my element and now I find it surprisingly easy to stick to. One just needs to have some imagination because you can make the food you crave just with the alternatives from the list allowed. E.g. In first days I craved something sweet-so I made floating islands. I will not lie, coffee get me through sometimes. :)

  10. Anonymous says

    At absolutely no point does he say not to exercise. In fact, he emphasizes that the ONLY way this program will work (including in the Attack phase) is by walking/doing some form of exercising for at least 30-60 minutes per day (minimum). He does say to do a minimum of 30 minutes per day in the Attack phase- that is more than most lazy people do in a day so it’s a vast improvement. It’s not dangerous not to eat vegetables for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. And after this phase is over, the diet is rich in both proteins as well as low-carb vegetables. And he acknowledges the similarities between his diet and the Atkins diet, but all it takes is asking one person on this diet to tell you the HUGE different: Fats. Dukan does not condone the use of fats in the diet as Dr. Atkins did. That is where the danger comes in for the heart. The Dukan diet no not allow: butter, oil, nuts, full fat dairy of any kind, fatty meats/cuts of meat such as bacon.

  11. Anonymous says

    I’ve been on this diet for a little while now, and all I have to say is that you can’t be an active person while on this diet for the first phases. By only eating protein it is very had to play more active sports such as soccer, running, basketball… I was playing these sports at the time and you start to feel tired and very dizzy. This diet was the most effective diet I’ve ever been on and is great for anyone who wants to shed those extra pounds!

  12. Anonymous says

    I am totally appalled by lack of research you made prior posting this article. I would not expected something like this from you, being a professional. Before you start this diet, you have to read through his book. Then everything is clear and so much easy to understand and stick to. I am a gym bunny…. how friends would describe me. I am in the gym everyday…however can not shed those last couple of pounds. This diet not only opened my eyes about eating good food, but also about loving your shape…because you can see, how the inches are disappearing from your waste. After ten days on PROTEIN ONLY, and still being very active, attending all the classes as normal, I have lost a stone after three weeks (Protein attack phase and PP+PV days). I sticked to the diet to the letter, and have never been happier. I agree with you on one point, and one point only. This diet is not for people, who are looking for miracles without any effort.

  13. Elise says

    1- I’m not a health professional I blog for fun, I’m not doing “research”. 2- I never started following this diet. I don’t need to lose weight. 3- My goal writing this article was to share the recipes I read in the book “La Patisserie Dukan” with my readers because the book is not available in English yet. It made sense to me to share these because healthy desserts are the main topic on my blog.

  14. Anonymous says

    hi there, i have just found your blog after doing a search for dessert recipes using dukan diet methosds. I agree with the last post anon. It appeared to be just a Dukan diet bashing…. Especially the “no real doctor would recommend” part at the beginning. I appreciate that you were showing how you went with the recipes.. but perhaps that was all you needed to do without the rest of the babble about ‘healthy and not healthy’, that quite simply was your opinion, which has no basis.

  15. Elise says

    Yes, but people who blog usually express their opinion all the time in their blog posts. So I don’t understand why I shouldn’t be allowed to express my personal opinion about the diet on my blog :) It’s my blog and I let everyone else express their opinion in the comment. Freedom of speech :)

    • Bt says

      First i should thank you for posting the recipes as i wanted something quick before i bought the book.Also like other readers said, you mentioned Dukan says no exercise and vegetables in Attack phase. You are right about vegetables but there is a 20 minutes walking or some kind of exercise to do and it is recommended. But seriously i don’t think you should be criticized for that because i didn’t know that too until i read the book couple times. I really enjoy Dukan diet and my husband was able to reduce weight and we are both happy with this.

      • says

        Yes, and by exercising my own freedom of thought (“the freedom of an individual to hold or consider a fact, viewpoint, or thought, independent of others’ viewpoints”), I’m able to have a different opinion than you.

  16. Anonymous says

    Hi i have been on the dukan diet for 22 days and I agree it is a very tough diet and it does take a bit of imagination to make your food yummie! I am a chef by profession and love the challenge of coming up with new recepies. I have been active through out the diet and have never felt tired unless I have had a very busy day! So far I have lost 10.6 kg and it is great to see the weight fall off! I think it is a great diet and always feel full with out feeling bloated! If you want results and fast get the book read it and go for it!

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am on the dukan diet. AFter the attack phase I was so happy to be able to eat veg…very exciting time! I am loving the diet so far! I have become so inventive! Im just wondering if i could have the recipe for those marshmallows…they look delish! Brilliant site tho! I’ve got so many new ideas already! The cruise phase is 3days for every pound you want to lose. and the consolidation phase is 5days for every pound you lost!

  18. Elise says

    The ingredients for the marshmallows are: 4 tbsp splenda, 80cl water, 3 egg whites, 1 pinch of salt, 3 g agar agar, a few drops of aroma. But as I wrote in the article, my marshmallows were awful!

  19. Joel Ackerman says

    Don’t knock Dukan until you try it. I had lost 40 pounds the old fashioined way, gained 16 of it back over time and couldn’t seem to get rid of them. On Dukan I lost them in a month. Moreover, my wife, who has fought and lost the weight batle so many times her body just wouldn’t lose, is consistently losing pounds and inches on Dukan. Attack phase is easy, though you do get tired for a couple of days, and the Cruise phase (most of your time) is a snap, cause the pounds just fall off. Protien only one day a week is a small price to pay to never worry about weight again. Dessert? Personally I don’t miss it; only ran across this post cause we are having guests and want to offer something.

  20. Elizabeth says

    Elise– Of course it’s your blog and you can express any opinion you have, but I strongly suggest you read the details of this diet (or any diet, for that matter) before passing judgment. The diet only have you on pure proteins for a few days, unlike Atkins. It also focuses on low-fat low-cholesterol options and have a four-phase plan to introduce back in the foods you limit for the first portion. I don’t quite understand why you would review a cookbook for a particular diet if you have no interest in the diet. Dukan is a low/no sugar diet so of course the recipes won’t live up to your expectations. Last comment– eating too much protein can be hard on your liver, BUT SO IS BEING OVERWEIGHT. At least Dukan is a short-term plan!

  21. Elise says

    Hi Elizabeth, I read the Dukan Diet Book “Je ne sais pas maigrir” in its original version in French (my native language), so it’s not like I don’t know anything about this diet and I’m just criticizing it. I understand that the plan works for people who follow it. I wrote this article about the desserts because my blog is dedicated to high-protein low-sugar desserts so it made sense to talk about it and test the recipes even if I don’t follow the diet.

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi Elise, thanks so much for your blog – you’re doing a great job and the criticism of you about researching Dukan is completely silly. Anyone who has actually read your blog should know what you’re doing here & that your intentions are good. You’ve honestly appraised a series of recipes – and I’m keen to try some of them. Thank you for sharing. Its a great blog and I’m sorry that so many people lack appreciation… hee hee praps so much protein is making them irrational?! :-)

  23. says

    Thank you for your support and your kind words! Well, negative comments are part of the ‘blogging experience’ ; the great thing is that they encourage more discussions and feedback :)

  24. Veronika says

    Hi there,

    Sorry that I did not go through all the comments, but I read this article and felt that I must leave a comment: after giving birth to 2 children, working in an office and having no time for visting gyms, the Dukan diet was the only soulution for me. I met a friend of mine who lives in another country, and after having 3 kids, she managed to regain her pre-pregnancy weight. I asked for her advice, read the Dukan Diet Book, and decided to give it a try.
    Within three months’ time, not did I also manage to regain my pre-pregnancy weight, but lost an extra 3 kilograms – in total my weight loss was 18 kgs! I finished the diet (this means that I still keep protein Thursdays and excercise 20-30 mins a day), and I haven’t regained anything in the last 8 months (inc. Xmas, 2 weddings, 3 birthdays and 4 trips abroad with compulsory dinners)
    All in all, this method is very helpful. Not eating veggies for 3 days is bearable – yes, it gives you kind of a false result, as you are losing weight mostly because of protein’s diuretic effect, but it also gives you the motivation to carry on. From the 2nd phase on, you have a wide range of variety to choose from, plus you have to excercise at least half an hour a day. The excersises are quite simple, even so that I could manage to find time for them :-)

    Could that be that you only read this recipe book and thought you knew everything about the whole method? ….
    Is’nt there something about judging a book by its cover?

    Yes, I have to admit that dessert are not the best part of this diet, but at lest you have something to have when really carving for sweet taste, and in the third phase you can enjoy REAL chocolate twice a week.

    • Elise says

      Hi Veronika, thanks for your feedback. As I wrote in the above comments, I read the Dukan diet book. I read the original version “Je ne sais pas maigir” in French (my mother tongue). I’m not saying that the Dukan diet doesn’t work. I believe it does work and it can be very effective for many people. I’m just saying that I personally couldn’t imagine not eating vegetables even for a few days and that this Dukan dessert book looked very promising but that I was a bit disappointed when testing some of the recipes.

  25. Janet says

    I have been on the Dukan Diet for 1 1/2 months. Down 18 lbs and my blood pressure has gone from 151/106 down to 132/72. I have felt energetic and in good moods most of the time as compared to complete misery before. I am a better mom and wife as well…I hope anyway:) No it’s not for everyone. My doctor said she wouldn’t do it out of personal preference but she said it isn’t unhealthy. As a self admitted chocolate fiend, that has been the hard part. I do SO love my chocolate so lets just say, I am not 100% perfect on it. And there is a LOT of cooking involved which I am not great at. But it’s working. Probably faster if I followed it to the letter but I gotta do what works for me. Websites like this help immensely!! Thank you!!

    • Elise says

      Congratulations Janet on your weight loss! I think you summed up the Dukan diet very well! I like the fact that you talked to your doctor about it, sounds like you’re doing it the right way. I’ll try to post a few more Dukan recipes on my blog very soon.

  26. Sheila says

    It never fails. There are those who feel they know a subject good enough to write an article about it, giving their two cents about it, but haven’t experienced it for themselves. Going a day or two or ten without vegetables isn’t going to kill anyone. When all is said and done, the benefits of weight lost FAR outweighs (no pun intended) not getting your veggies for a few days. Sheesh.

    • Elise says

      Yes, going a few days without vegetables isn’t going to kill anyone. I just personally prefer taking a longest, steady route than the Dukan highway. I guess we can only agree on the fact that everybody should choose what’s best for them.

  27. Erin says

    Searching for some dukan friendly recipes I found this blog, and I was so glad to see that there was a book just for this! I am disappointed that the desserts didn’t turn out just like the pictures, but the chocolate cake and muffins looked good enough to try. I have been following the dukan diet on and off for about the last year…I gained over 100 pounds with my pregnancy and although 45 pounds of that was excess fluid, I was still 214 pounds at 5’1″ I was still very much overweight. I love love love fruits and vegetables, but also a chocolate and ice cream lover it is hard to find dessert options while doing the diet. My Attack Phase period was 7 days long and I was so sick of meat and bored that I was so happy to have salad when the time came. Because of my living situation, I follow a modified version of the Dukan Diet and do 2 PV days and 1 PP day alternating….but in a little over a year I have gone from 214 to 157 (my goal is 120)! I still sneek in berries once in a while for a yogurt, berry, and spinach smoothie, but it works for me. It just goes to show you that adding back in some healthy sweet things once in a while will certainly not hinder you from achieving weight loss though it may take a little longer. For my next pregnancy I plan on following Dr. Dukan’s suggestion of following the Consolidation phase throughout my pregnancy to help keep my weight in check as well as keep fluid retention to a minimum. Thank you for your post about these dessert tests to show that it can be hit or miss, but always worth a try in case you find something that can save you when a craving comes a knocking!

    • Elise says

      Congratulations on your impressive weight loss! Well, I didn’t mean to bash the Dukan dessert cookbook in this post, it’s a nice cookbook with many protein ideas, but I was a bit disappointed by the difference between the gorgeous pictures in the book and the actual desserts I made :) I would advise you to check with your doctor if it’s okay to follow the consolidation phase during pregnancy though: you still have one day of pure protein per week in that phase, you may want to check with your doctor if he/she finds it okay for you to have a pure protein/no carb day while pregnant.

  28. Tiffany says

    when artificial sweetener is inevitable (ie phase 1 dukan), i still stick to xylitol. it’s the only artificial sweetener that has been around long enough and proven not to do any permanent damage unlike splenda. it still has about a third of calories as sugar and if you eat a lot of it you might get a stomach ache but i’ve never had a problem and it is 1:1 in recipes unlike other artificial sweeteners. if you like mint i’d suggest sweetening mint things with this cuz it feels cool on your tongue.

    otherwise i usually use agave nectar or brown rice syrup or coconut syrup…anything low on the glycemic index =)

  29. Cristina Monier says

    Thank you, you made an effort and that is commendable, it is well known that diet desserts are not the same as their counterparts with tons of cream and butter, but your arteries and your hips will thank you for thinking about them.
    Sincerely, Cristina.

  30. Jack Mayo says


    Read whole article and all the exciting discussion comments that followed.e and my wife are both on this diet, matter of fact we actually are still Attack Phase now on 7th day. In all honesty, I wasn’t looking forward to “dieting” but at 5’10” 255lbs I wasn’t the lean man i wanted to be… too many BK Whoppers! Well, after this first week — the meals have become repetitive, BUT I lost 12lbs already; my wife lost 11! Simply insane! We do look forward to adding healthy addition s coming up in the next phase to bring back variety, however eatting steaks, seafood, snow crabs, and shrimp primarily along with yogurts (fat free), egg whites, and white meat turkey and checking breast hasnt been that bad.

    In my shortt experience so far on Dukan I can confidently state this: I do not enjoy counting calories, by Dukan presenting categories I food instead of calorie counting is ingenious! Also, I didn’t see it mentioned at all yet but in this attack phase you can eat all you want of the ALLOWED foods! Previous diets felt like they were starving me, I can fill up on protein and I’m great!

    Thank you for your blog post and hope this comment helps anyone in regards to the diet.

    • Elise says

      Hello Jack, yes I totally agree with you: the biggest advantage of the Dukan diet is that the allowed foods are unlimited in quantity, which makes it way easier for big eaters -especially men :)

  31. Julia says

    Dukan Diet really depends on how much weight you want to lose. I wanted to lose between 10 – 15 pounds, so was on the protein only portion for only 3 days. So far this diet has been very do-able for me, as I am always at a loss as to what to eat anyway, so giving me specifics I can choose from makes my life easier. I have been very happy with the diet, don’t feel unhealthy at all, and am ecstatic with the results. I decided to go on the diet after seeing how wonderful my mother looks after following the diet for a year and after two children and with several weeks to go before my 40th birthday, I wanted something to jump start a healthier way of living. I was also drinking too much alcohol and almost 3 weeks in, do not miss it at all. Of course so many of the diets out there aren’t for everyone, but this one has been great for me. I’ve lost at least 10 pounds, which is really all I was shooting for and although I am totally for exercise, I currently have a pinched nerve in my foot which keeps me from even walking as a fitness regimen, but have still lost the weight. Now I can in the very near future focus on creating muscle tone and then more aerobic stuff if my pinched nerve ever heals.
    Thank you for your post on Dukan desserts. Although I’ve not had many cravings at all on this diet, in the last couple of days something sweet has been at the back of my mind.

  32. says

    Thanks for your review of the dessert recipes! Very helpful. I haven’t tried any of them yet but want to.
    I did the Dukan Diet last spring and it was amazing. A friend tried it and at first I thought it sounded way too extreme to me. However, after 8 straight months of dieting (Weight Watchers, then tried MyFitnessPal, plus working out) with NO results, I decided to give it a try. I needed to lose 11 lbs to get to my goal weight and ended up losing closer to 14, and was also hoping to reverse my prediabetes and lower my high triglycerides. I did a 3-day Attack phase and only did one or two PP days per week during the Cruise phase; worked better for me. The best part was, I managed to reverse my prediabetes and lower my triglycerides from 217 to 52!! I had a relatively healthy diet before trying Dukan so I wasn’t sure my lab results would improve that much; I was thrilled! I also get my kidneys checked periodically b/c of a med I’m on and they’re still in great shape too. Just putting my experience out there for others considering Dukan who may be reading the comments. :)

  33. Rachel B says

    I actually am in phase 3 of the Dukan Diet right now! I have always been skeptical of diets, but this one had a lot of scientific backing, and my mom had also followed it and was met with great success! I lost 18 lbs on it, the second phase I ended up doing two protein days and a veggie day only on every third day. It was hard, yes, but the results were so profound that it was fully worth it! I lost on average two lbs a week. I started it after getting injured in the final stages of my half marathon training, and so was unable to exercise much during the diet, yet I still lost 18 lbs! I went from 168 to 150. I feel great, I’m a huge fan of this diet, and I really do think it’s do-able. You just HAVE to be sure to find recipes that will give variation. DON’T try and eat turkey slices for every meal. I was often limited to this, and it makes it way more difficult. Be creative. And don’t give up if you’re going to try it!!!

  34. Mary-Anne says

    I have been using the Dukan diet since the endof November 2012. Sofar I have lost 8 Kilos, however at my age 65 I am very happy with the progress. My goal weight is 66.4 kilos which I hope to reach by the end of March. I walk four days a week for half to three quarters of an hour in the morning with a friend. My naturopath said that was more than enough excercise for someone of my age.
    I have never felt hungry on this diet, my fridge is stocked with lots of foods that I can eat. I love tofu and have also tried the shirtaki noodles which take a bitof getting use to. Today is a protein day and I am also drinking lots of green tea replacing the eight glasses of water I normally drink each day.
    My son has also started this diet and has lost 16 kilos since December, he has more energy and has gone down 2 pants sizes. My son is now eating a lot better than he did previously. My daughter started this diet in January and has lost six to seven kilos. She also finds she has more energy. I have started my husband on this diet last Saturday but am modifying it slightly for him. Not sure what his weight loss is at the moment.
    All in all we don’t have a problem and we are not missing the fruit or carbs. I love rhubard so that is always in the fridge. We grow our own vegetables so not a problem getting things fresh.
    We allowed ourselves to enjoy Christmas but did not go overboard with food. Last Friday night we went and had a Chinese meal to celebrate Chinese New Year, the next day we ate protein.
    We found the Dukan UK site and calculated our weights and how much and how long we needed to be on each phase, this has helped enormously.

  35. James says

    I find the Dukan diet far easier than any other I have tried! I actually have a fairly active lifestyle, but suffered with a weight problem as I am in love with good food! It could be because of my all or nothing personality, but i found it very easy to stick too. I did the attack phase for 7 days. On the first two i felt a bit lethargic as it came towards late afternoon, and had a few hunger pangs, but from then on my body adjusted and I had plenty of energy. Temptation became quite high towards the end of the attack phase, but I managed to resist until the protein + veg stage where everything became far easier. After another week or two of the alternating i started to introduce low calorie thin breads to have a VERY low fat sausage and egg sandwich on some of my veg days. 3 months in and apart from these occasional tweaks of the rules i got through without a hitch, and i actually enjoy the protein thursdays as it prepares me for the weekend! Also I find that since the diet my portion sizes are far smaller, I’ve kicked a majority of salty foods (especially processed) from my diet permanently, and generally eat less and more healthily (barring when i eat out or when I’m drunk etc.) Feel free to email me if you want to ask anymore questions :)

  36. Renata says

    Hi. Just like to say i felt happy to find your web site. I’m from Brasil and there arent many brasilian reviews on the dukan recipes… Wish u could test all recipes for us, people that can’t cook very well… lol Thanks 4 the effort!

  37. reg says

    Honestly, both my mother and I have tried this diet and it works great. You feel amazing by avoiding sugar highs and crashing. I never got to the 3rd phase…blame senior year of college on that one, but as others have said its a simple diet to follow and once you get started its so simple.

    Also as a note… the attack phase only lasts for about 3-7 days . I would only do 5 days max and that results in around a 7-8lb loss….which really gets you motivated.

  38. says

    Found this discussion while searching for new Dukan recipes to try. Have been on Dukan diet for 2.5 months. I do not follow the diet to a tee. For example, skipped the “attack” stage entirely, and do not do pure protein days at all. Per advice from my doctor, added fiber supplements (Glucomannan and Chitosan) in order to avoid increase in cholesterol, plus vit. B12 injections once a week for 3 months (since blood exam showed that I was quite low.) So far so good, already lost over 40 lbs, feel much better and energized, have another few weeks to go.
    As Dr. Dukan mentions in his book, you cannot engage into high-impact physical activity while on this diet, but walking/light hiking is a must. I satisfy this requirement by walking my Golden twice a day, for a total of 40-60 min.
    Cutting sugars/”fast” starches/fats is essential, so cooking “Dukan-style” with agave is not going to do the trick. Agave syrup has sugar in it; it is being marketed as “healthy food”, but in fact it is not. The only fats that Dukan diet allows are omega-3 (in salmon and other cold-water fish). Dukan diet does not limit the amount, and does not prescribe times and a number of meals.
    Regarding cooking experiments of the original poster: I would suggest to repeat the attempts, taking into account that recipes in a book call for medium-size eggs (not jumbo or extra large!). Yeast in most recipes is “instant” which is quite different from “active”. Also, finding replacement for fromage blanc may be a challenge (I use very thick Greek yogurt, such as Faye, or make my own.) As can be seen in my blog, http://dukandessert.wordpress.com/, dukanizing your food can be fun, easy, and tasty, too (all pictures are real). While on a diet, I enjoy everything, from spaghetti to ice cream, and never feel tired/hungry/tempted .

      • PaulaKlein says

        I followed the Dukan diet for 4 months in 2011 and I lost about 16 kg but I would never recommend this diet to other people.
        I lost weight fast, actually I think the only reason I stayed on it was all the compliments I was getting from people around me. So looks, looks and more looks, but inside everything was going wrong.
        I was always exhausted, dragging myself around, I didn’t have any strength, when I hopped on my bike every morning to go to work, I simply couldn’t do it, I felt like I was going to faint, so I had to take the bus instead. I was moody and unhappy, I had to avoid almost all social interaction (it is not exactly easy to go out for dinner or lunch while on the Dukan diet, also parties aren’t half as fun when you cannot even enjoy a couple of drinks) and craving for basically every normal food in the world, with real flavour and appealing look, I couldn’t go on with the Consolidating phase, I gave up on it when I was only 2 kilos away from my goal.
        The real problem is all my muscles were gone. I had always been quite strong and muscular, until after Dukan diet. When I hit the gym, I felt like crying every time, I couldn’t even do a series with 10 kg. weight. When I started with Dukan I didn’t want to go to the gym because I was so chubby I felt embarrassed, but because I was losing all the weight, I didn’t think it was that bad of a plan. I made the mistake of thinking that losing weight fast can make up for everything else… I was very wrong.
        My lack of muscle, my harder than ever struggles at the gym and the fact that I was totally fed up with restriction and self-control, made me gain almost half my lost weight back
        Do it safe and do it right, don’t do it fast; you will regret it in the long run

  39. Ina says

    Hi thanks for the recipes, so craving some sweets! But can you please add which puddings,cakes are for which phase! Thanks

    • says

      Hi Ina, I’m not following this diet so I can’t really tell. But I remember that the Dukan book clearly states different ingredients for different phases in the first pages of the book.

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