Puffed Quinoa Snacks

Puffed quinoa caramel krispie treats

No-bake crispy treats with a salted caramel flavor. The ingredients needed for the caramel coating: ghee (clarified butter, a very little goes a long way) …

Chocolate Hazelnut Whey Cookies

Chocolate hazelnut protein cookies

Here’s a small batch of very filling protein-packed cookies in case of urgent chocolate cravings.
For 4-5 cookies
– 50 g ground hazelnuts
– 25 g chocolate …

Orange almond protein cookies

Orange almond protein cookies

Crunchy protein biscuits: I deliberately kept the amount of liquid ingredients very low in this recipe to get a super crunchy texture. These cookies are …

Roasted Buckwheat Quinoa Cookies

Quinoa kasha crunchy treats

These no-bake gluten-free cookies require only 4 ingredients and can be thrown together very quickly. No-brainer recipe!
for 4 cookies:
– 10 g puffed quinoa
– 30 g …

VitaFiber stuffed cookie

Stuffed cookies made with VitaFiber

Here’s a stuffed cookie idea I’ve made using a cake pop mold. This was just an experiment but it turned out pretty nice: these cookies …

Chesnut kasha cookies

Chestnut kasha cookies

These big cookies are almost too high in calories for publication on the blog! But I’ve still chosen to publish this recipe because it’s very …

Low-cost homemade granola

Low-cost granola

A low-cost granola: no overpriced “superfoods”, just cheap, easy available ingredients: oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, cocoa. I used blackstrap molasses as a …

Marzipan chocolates made with Sukrin almond flour

Low-carb low-cal marzipan

I found this recipe on Sukrin’s website: easy, a couple of ingredients, low-carb, no baking: definitely a recipe for this blog!
I used two of …

VitaFiber waffles

VitaFiber waffles

The only kind of ‘flour’ in this recipe : 2 tablespoons of coconut flour for 4 waffles. Yet these waffles hold their shape well and …