Marzipan chocolates made with Sukrin almond flour

Low-carb low-cal marzipan

I found this recipe on Sukrin’s website: easy, a couple of ingredients, low-carb, no baking: definitely a recipe for this blog!
I used two of …

VitaFiber waffles

VitaFiber waffles

The only kind of ‘flour’ in this recipe : 2 tablespoons of coconut flour for 4 waffles. Yet these waffles hold their shape well and …

Piece of spinach quiche

Leftover quiche with quinoa flax crust

A quiche made with leftovers veggies and eggs: ok, nothing revolutionary here. Yes, but its crust is also made of leftovers: using cooked quinoa and …

Rice protein abricots balls

Rice protein apricot balls

A treat that comes with a surprise center: here’s a quick recipe for vegan post-workout protein balls that I found in a Fitness magazine:

I changed …

Oat hemp seed bar

Chewy granola bars

Homemade cereal bars that you can customize according to the ingredients you have on hands. To keep them relatively low on the glycemic index, I …

Manioc Cake

Cassava pound cake

A gluten-free AND nut-free cake. No heavy coconut or almond flour. What’s in it? I’m using cassava root (also called manioc and yuca). Although it’s …

Oat Adzuki Homemade Cereal Bars

Oatmeal adzuki bars

These cereal bars are a high in carbs, but I still wanted to publish this recipe on the blog because they’re not that high in …

Chia seed pizza

Chia seed pizza

A quick yeast-free gluten-free pizza dough. I didn’t invented anything here: I found this recipe on and I just followed it to the letter.
Ok, …

Sukrin green fruit tart

Fruit tart with Sukrin crust

A simple fruit tart crust made with Sukrin almond flour (a type of fat-reduced almond meal).

Ingredients for the crust:
(for a very small pie pan)
– …